Eat from the pantry & freezer week kicks off

No grocery shopping this week. Yes, it CAN be done. This is a week of getting creative. While I do some freezer cooking and have meals all ready to plop in the crock pot or oven that’s not what we are doing this week. What about the odds and ends stuff that gets lost in the freezer. For example I have one new york strip steak, one salmon fillet, a small bag of shredded chicken leftovers, a pack of bulk sausage, a ham bone.  Sometimes my creativity just slips away. Don’t you find yourself reaching for and making the same things over and over. Boy I sure do.  Today I cooked that ham bone in a little water all day long and then added a jar of 15 mixed beans. voila… ham and bean soup. Whipped up a cornbread. Pretty domesticated, aren’t I.  Tomorrow when the kids go to school and hubs goes to work I will share some recipes… whatever I come up with. I’ll keep it brief tonight, but what about you?? Are you ready to do a eat from the pantry week? Would love to hear what you came up with in your odds and ends to make.

Spring Cleaning season has begun

Yep, spring cleaning has officially begun in our house. The evidence is the enormous amount of trash at the curb ready for pickup. It’s about embarrassing! I have also managed to sell a bunch of stuff on facebook online garage sales. What about you? Do you have those in your area. We have what seems to be way too many of them. It’s been great for selling some of those random misc things. My goal is to save up the garage sale money for something extra special. I haven’t quite figured that out yet.  I have a few ideas though. Since we have become a one income household we must really budget closely so that means giving up some of the extras. I’d really like to update the bathroom…. not a complete overhaul, but just some updating. Maybe fresh ceiling paint, new caulking, a little reorganizing. Also I’d like to get all new matching towels… I’m thinking bright white.  In the meantime, back to regular spring cleaning. Trying to do one room a day this week from top to bottom.  Let’s get the fresh air in our houses and get rid of the long winter stagnant air. Happy Spring Cleaning Week to you!

The first post is the hardest

Welcome to Oh Just Because! A place where we can share the ins and outs of this crazy fast paced world. I hope this can be a place where we can inspire each other to slow down, live simply, and enjoy life far away from the fast lane. I had been thinking to myself about blogging for quite some time and for many reasons. I don’t participate in a ton of social media and mainly because I don’t want to be tied to my computer or phone all the time. Do you feel too connected sometimes? For me that is stressful and a big time waster. Other people love it. So, yes I am on Facebook and what I enjoy most is sharing pictures and stories and reading about the events others experience. It’s been my own mini-blog for quite some time. I share my coupon tips and shopping strategies, share photos of never ending  home remodeling, and of course recipes and bulk cooking strategies. Those are a few of my favorite things, the things that make me smile {aside from my family of course}. When I got the nerve to finally mention blogging I went to my “bestie” and asked her opinion.  She asked me why my response was: Oh Just Because…  and so it began.

I’ve been feverishly working hard on all the details to get this blog up and running. It’s been hours and days of work before it even came close to launching. Did I mention that I’m not very techy? My 12 year old operates the tv for me. I have so much yet to do and plenty more to learn. I’ve even been making a list of topics I want to share. I’m so excited to explore this wonderful world with you. I want to inspire you to live simply as well. But…. you know what the hardest part is though? The very beginning. Writing an about-me page. I knew I had to create one, after all how will you really know what makes me tick? How do I engage and audience and get followers? Think about it….. have you ever had to describe yourself in a sentence or two? It really isn’t all that easy. In general we have a hard time talking about ourselves don’t we?  So, here it is, my first post. Now that we got that out of the way we can move on to the exciting things, right?  Drop me a line in the comment section and tell me about yourself in a sentence or two as well. I’d love to get to know you better as well.  Thank You for stopping by.

XO Amanda